October 14, 2023

The First Time I Ignored A Red Flag In A Lesbian Relationship

Jordana Michelle tells the story of the first time she ignored a red flag in a lesbian relationship and explains what happened.
October 12, 2023
two girls covering each others eyes (this is the blog image for "how to tell if a woman is interested in you in lesbian dating")

How To Tell A Woman Is Interested In You In Lesbian Dating

Jordana Michelle shares 5 signs you can look for to figure out whether the woman you're dating likes you back.
September 30, 2023
Rizala Carrington

Building Lesbian Community with Rizala Carrington (Creator of @lezz.pride)

Rizala Carrington, the founder of @lezz.pride, an online group with more than 885,000 members, shares her story of building and connecting.
September 5, 2023

8 Ways To Help You Feel Less Lonely in Lesbian Dating

Jordana Michelle shares 8 strategies for handling your uncomfortable emotions when you get lonely while you're single.
August 27, 2023
Coming Out Sober and Queer on the Comedy Stage with Becca Lenox

Coming Out Sober and Queer on the Comedy Stage with Becca Lenox

Stand-up comedian Becca Lenox (a brilliant, bisexual former attorney) shares life lessons she learned through comedy and sobriety.
August 19, 2023
The 5 Biggest Lies Of Lesbian Dating

The 5 Biggest Lies in Lesbian Dating

Jordana Michelle breaks down and dispels 5 pervasive lies that will hold you back from finding love in lesbian dating.
July 31, 2023
Ariel Daunay

How To Let Go Of Limiting Experiences, with Ariel Daunay

Ariel Daunay shares a simple strategy you can use to let your mind see itself so deeply that it can resolve your most triggering inner conflicts.
July 16, 2023
Should you move in w your girlfriend?

When To Move In With Your Girlfriend In Lesbian Relationships

Jordana Michelle discusses how you can know when it's a good idea to move in with your girlfriend in lesbian dating.
June 30, 2023
Date In Peace With Lauren Smith

Trusting Yourself To Spot Red Flags With Lauren Smith

Queer dating coach Lauren Smith shares a strategy to make sure you notice the warning signs that you might otherwise miss or ignore in dating.
June 22, 2023
Settling For The Wrong Woman In Lesbian Dating

Settling For The Wrong Woman In Lesbian Dating

Jordana Michelle teaches how to avoid settling for the wrong woman, and what to look for when settling down.
January 31, 2018
Jordana Michelle - Frans De Waal - Great Apes

Same-Sex Female Relationships (Between Great Apes) With Dr. Frans De Waal

What if I told you that our closest relative in the animal kingdom (with whom we share, literally 99% of our DNA) is a great ape that lives in a female-dominated society where the females band together against the males and have sex with each other all the time?
January 31, 2018
Jordana Michelle - Katherine Woodward

How To “Call In” Your Soulmate with Katherine Woodward Thomas

Why do you think you’re still single? Why do you think you and your soulmate haven’t found each other yet? What if I told you there was a beautiful, streamlined 7-week process for turning this around?
June 15, 2017
Jordana Michelle - Come Out Confidently - Hooking up with other girls when we were young

Hooking Up With Other Girls When We’re Young

Some of us did. Some of us didn’t… When I first came out all my straight friends started openly telling me about the times they had […]