You know how it is being a single lesbian...

We psych ourselves out thinking that maybe we’re aiming too high, and maybe the woman we’re dreaming of doesn’t even exist.

And we worry that we might simply miss meeting our soulmate because the world is so big, and we’re part of such a small minority that maybe we’ll die without finding each other.

And we waste so much time wondering if we should have stayed with our ex because maybe we’ll never find anything better...

And when we’re single we get sick of endlessly swiping. And conversations that go nowhere and then disappear. And dates that end up being a disappointment.

And for so many of us it’s frustrating being single because even though we know how to make things happen for ourselves at work and in terms of real-world goals, when it comes to our love life, it feels like we’re powerless, like everything is completely out of our hands.

Most of us, when we’re single, can relate to being tired of leaving work and not having someone to text, of always coming home to an empty apartment, and of going to sleep alone, not having someone to cuddle with or hold on to.

But we know what we want...

Most of us are picky and we want to find someone who has her sh!t together.

Someone who is kind and thoughtful and responsible, who has a good outlook and shares our values (about life and career).

Someone who can challenge us and meet us halfway in life.

Someone we’re super attracted to, who we enjoy looking at…

We want to find our best friend, who completely has our back.

We want to laugh and play and have fun together.

We want to finally feel safe, loved, wanted and appreciated.

And we want to have amazing chemistry and really good sex.

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"Wherever your soulmate is right now (if you’re not already together) she’s missing you just as much as you miss her."

Jordana Michelle