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How To Let Go Of Limiting Experiences, with Ariel Daunay

[Heads up: during in this interview with Ariel Daunay there will be mentions of violence against women.]

Meet Ariel Daunay…

Ariel Daunay is a friend, and she’s a somatic bodywork healer who works with women on the interconnection between the body and mind in relation to your psychological past and current beliefs that may be limiting you.

Have you ever wished for more ease and connection in your life? If so, then this interview is packed with practices you can easily take on to achieve profound personal impact.


During the interview Ariel Daunay shares:

  • A simple trick anyone can use to develop a language and trust with yourself
  • Practical tools for creating coherence in your mind and body
  • An easy and empowering way of organizing your thoughts when something bothers you
  • A strategy for understanding yourself and the ways you react to people and events in your life AND
  • A series of questions you can ask yourself that allow your mind to see itself deeply and resolve inner conflicts

Learn more about Ariel Daunay and follow her on social media:

Ariel Daunay is a somatic bodywork healer who spent the past three decades dedicated to the study of the mind, body, sensuality, sexuality, healing, and coaching. Ariel has taught at the Omega Institute, and has led workshops such as “Unveiling the Feminine,” “Woman Revealed,” and “Polarity and the Art of Masculine and Feminine” in Denmark, Sweden, London, and New York City. Ariel has studied with Anna Davidovich, Julia Olalla, Richard Strozzi Heckler, David Deida, Byron Katie, Mooji, and more.

You can find Ariel Daunay’s website here.

You can email Ariel @ arieldaunay at gmail.

And you can find access to the Byron Katie worksheets that Ariel referenced during the interview here.

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