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Surviving Conflict In Lesbian Relationships With Dr. Julie Helmrich

Conflict is unavoidable…

All couples are going to run into conflict during their relationship.

That’s just part of what it means to deeply connect with another person. All humans are different and navigating those differences means there will be conflict from time to time.

The problem is we’re not good at it.

When we’re younger we’re not taught how to deal with conflict. As kids nobody shows us the best skills for overcoming conflict, so most of us don’t know how to handle issues when they arise with the people we love.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

There are ways of getting better at navigating conflict.

There are scientifically proven strategies for dealing with conflict that have been mapped out by some of the smartest minds in psychology and sociology and human dynamics.

And in this episode of Women Wanting Women I interview the great teacher Dr. Julie Helmrich for a crash-course on conflict management.

More about Dr. Helmrich…

Dr. Julie Helmrich is a psychologist with a PHD in clinical psychology, and she’s taught graduate and undergraduate courses in statistics, research methods, counseling, psychotherapy, psychology, and leadership.

Helmrich has a passion for teaching scientific psychology to the masses, which she has done both online and through free, open-to-the-public Q&A events that earned her the distinction of being named one of “Milwalkee Wisconsin’s Top 20 Most Creative People”

Find Dr. Helmrich online at