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Meet Dr. Saida…

Dr. Saida Desilets wants you to know that you have a right to be here and that you matter.

We each have a major impact on all the beings all around us.

That’s why we matter.

There is magic and beauty once we understand how big of an impact we have in every choice we make.

Magic and beauty…

What if knowing how much we matter were a source of confidence?

Doesn’t knowing how much we matter mean that we need to be extra curious about who we are and how we interact with the world around us?

Dr. Saida teaches that when we increase our curiosity, we become more vibrantly alive.

Vibrantly alive…

Dr. Saida says that “curiosity is the bridge for better sex and better relationships and a better world.”

It’s our duty to be curious and enthusiastic about life.

Because everything is connected.

Every choice we make or don’t make has impact.

We are not separate from all the beings we coexist with.

And in this episode of Women Wanting Women Dr. Saida teaches us how the more we can wake up to how much we matter, the more we can come alive on every level.

Special thanks to LiYana Silver for connecting me with Dr. Saida!

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Saida Désilets, Ph.D is an international advocate for conscious, integrated sexuality through the understanding of our Erotic Genius. She has spoken in over 13 countries world-wide, including at the Kripalu Institute, Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts, and the St. James Church in London. She has guested on a variety of radio shows where she has talked passionately about her ‘Art of Succulent Living’ philosophy.

Dr. Saida is renowned for being the founder of the modern Jade Egg movement and visionary spokesperson for sexual Sovereignty and is currently contributing to the first-ever medical study on the Jade Egg and its impact on the vaginal micro-biome. She has created eight online courses to assist women to successfully embody their sensuality, while enhancing their sexual health.

Dr. Saida has also been featured in such prominent magazines as NEXUS and Réves De Femmes. She was a co-contributor to the best-selling books of Dr. Christiane Northrup and Dr. Rachel Abrams. Dr. Saida supports women to deeply understand their sensual/sexual nature and encourages them to self-define what sexuality is for themselves.

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