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Building Lesbian Community with Rizala Carrington (Creator of @lezz.pride)

Meet Rizala Carrington: a behind-the-scenes lesbian social media connector.

Rizala Carrington has been working for the community for over 10 years, making it easier for women to connect with each other.

Rizala Carrington is the creator of Lesbian Pride a Facebook group with more than 885,000 members along with an Instagram that has 138,000 active followers as of the date of this podcast episode.

A lesbian chat…

In this episode Rizala Carrington shares:

  • The background story of how she amassed over a million lesbian followers across her various social media groups and accounts…
  • Tips for navigating overseas long-distance relationships…
  • Surprising advice women give each other online about overcoming loneliness…
  • Ideas she learned from being a sales executive that can help everyone be more successful… AND
  • How to ask for what you want, even when you’re afraid to say it…

Make sure you tune in and listen all the way through!

Learn more about Rizala Carrington and follow her on social media…

Rizala Carrington is a full-stack executive growth marketer helping companies grow their business.

She has supported companies and founders, providing high-level strategies, spanning across multiple industries including tech, consumer packaged goods, fitness, mental health, retail, fashion, and real estate. She currently resides in California with her wife and dog.

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