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Meet Stevie Boebi…

If you’re a follower of this podcast, then there’s a good chance you’ve never heard of Stevie Boebi.

The reason for that is because Stevie Boebi’s content is intended for a much younger audience.

But she’s a fascinating human being.

Despite starting out life as a homeless teen with a disability, Stevie Boebi pulled herself out of poverty by becoming an online influencer who now has a social reach of over a million people.


Stevie Boebi’s YouTube channel is mostly focused on sex advice and life advice for queer teenagers.

She has an edgy-funny style and her videos have really high production quality.

Some video titles include: How To Get Laid, How To Look Like A Lesbian, and Why Does My Vagina Smell?

Stevie Boebi’s videos use humor and entertainment to deliver positive messages to young people struggling with all the difficult/uncomfortable things life can throw at young people.

Don’t miss the interview.

In this episode of Women Wanting Women Stevie Boebi talks to us about…

  • How she learned to create a career for herself as an online influencer...
  • The difference between dating influencers compared to dating non-famous people…
  • The ways in which YouTube (and other search engines) make access to queer content exponentially harder to access (even for those who need it), and...
  • Her personal journey through the medical system and discovering her obscure and difficult-to-diagnose disability...

Learn more about Stevie Boebi and follow her on social media:

Stevie Boebi makes queer, educational, and sex-positive videos about sex, dating, and relationships. Stevie is the most well-known queer sex educator with a social reach of over one million; views totaling over 50 million and has been featured in LA Magazine, Nylon & The Washington Post.



Stevie Boebi’s Short Film