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Liz Culley, Host of Queer Pop-Culture Podcast Cool Cool Cool

Meet Liz Culley, queer female podcaster, producer and entertainment industry badass.

Liz Culley is a self-identified bisexual who married a lesbian. So for everyone out there who would instantly reject a woman for being bisexual, keep that in mind.

In this episode Liz Culley talks about coming out, making lesbian friends, being bisexual in queer spaces, feeling left out of the queer community, the difference between attracting men versus attracting women, the experience of girls being mean when we were younger, grudges against people who were jerks in the past, women undermining each other instead of supporting each other, getting stabbed in the back by co-workers she thought were her friends, lack of support from other queer content creators, how she got ahead by making opportunities for herself, and her favorite queer female content she thinks everyone should follow.

Don’t miss this episode!

During the interview Liz Culley offers tips for:

  • Attracting women…
  • Connecting with people professionally and personally and getting them to like you…
  • How to use PR strategies to get results in your own life…
  • How to cold email people you want to connect with… AND
  • What to do if you’re starting from zero…

Check out these links to the queer meme accounts Liz Culley recommended during the interview.

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Liz Culley has been in the entertainment and digital advertising industry for over 13 years. Currently the Executive Director of Entertainment and FYC Partnerships at Condè Nast, she leads studio partnerships and Vanity Fair's FYC strategy. She is the host of her own pop culture podcast "Cool Cool Cool."  Before the launch of "Cool Cool Cool" she was the co-host of the successful Embassy Row (What What Happens Live, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire) produced podcast, "Scissoring Isn't a Thing" and has been featured in Out Magazine, People, E! and Teen Vogue. On Tuesdays, she is the co-host of the popular radio show "The Taylor Strecker Show" and currently writing a book of memoirs.

Outside of podcasting and selling digital media, Liz is on the board of LPAC.  She lives in Glendale, California with her wife, Rachel, and rescue puppy, Ravioli. 

You can follow Liz Culley on Instagram @listentoliz and while you’re there, also follow her podcast @coolcoolcool.

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