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Meet Bandy Kiki: Entrepreneur and Activist…

In Cameroon and lots of other African countries, being queer is illegal (sometimes punishable by death).

But what Kiki raises awareness about is that prior to colonization, many parts of Africa had a history of acceptance of queer relationships and gender fluidity. A lot of the anti-LGBT laws in African countries are leftovers of laws that were put in place by Britain, France and other colonizers, and the current governments are just upholding those old laws.

That’s why Kiki sells apparel inspired by LGBT and African history. Her idea was to use fashion as activism.

Kiki says: “Due to Africa’s colonial history there’s a conversation that homosexuality is ‘unAfrican’ – but that’s a myth – homosexuality is very much African”

For Kiki, mixing African queerness and African history is a kind of activism.

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During the interview Bandy Kiki shares:

  • Her terrifying story about how people in Cameroon reacted to her coming out
  • Advice for meeting women if you’re in a place where being gay is not allowed
  • Advice for dating African women if you come from a more individualistic culture
  • Advice for women who are being mistreated in their relationships AND
  • Advice for living a good life

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The following are links to organizations talked about during the interview:

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