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Most queer women have already heard of Curve Magazine…

In this episode of Women Wanting Women I interview Merryn Johns, the editor-in-chief of Curve magazine.

Lesbian Lifestyle…

Curve is a lifestyle brand.

But from their perspective, lifestyles are, by nature, political.

The goal is to point towards an ideal and help create a vision of what it means, as LGBTQ+ women, to live our best lives.

Their purpose is to be a window that shows us, as queer women, what living our best lives can look like, while encouraging us to reach for it.

Curve’s role is to hold a space that gets continually filled with images and stories that reinforce our identities and our culture as we’re making it together as LGBTQ+ women. That’s what Merryn Johns believes her mission is as the editor-in-chief of Curve magazine.

Who are they?

Readers of Curve magazine are mostly successful, ambitious women between the ages of 25-55 who are professional, own their own homes, have graduate degrees and are either in partnership or seeking partnership…

I invited Merryn Johns on the podcast because I wanted to learn more about these women and about what Merryn has learned from her experiences creating content for this community.

Learn more about Merryn Johns and find her on social media…

Merryn Johns is the editor-in-chief of Curve magazine, America's lifestyle quarterly for LGBTQ women. Originally from Sydney, Australia Merryn is a regular travel writer, commentator, and public speaker on the subject of lesbian travel and diversity and inclusion. When she's not traveling or preparing the next issue of Curve, she works as a digital international news producer in New York City.