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Have you ever ignored a red flag?

I have, and in this episode of Women Wanting Women, I share the story of how my first lesbian relationship started, and how I first saw a red flag and ignored it.

Annie Lalla once shared with me the idea that intuition is your future self, reaching back, whispering in your ear, and telling you what to do. What if that’s true? Are you going to ignore your future self?

I’ve now ignored enough red flags in my life that I know that the consequences are never worth the risk.

During this solo episode I talk about:

  • What happened when I ignored a major red flag in my first lesbian relationship…
  • The two main reasons why I ignored the red flag when I saw it…
  • The two different YouTube videos I made about red flags…
  • What a few sh*t-posters said in the comments on one of my videos… AND
  • What I've learned about red flags in lesbian relationships from the clients I've coached...


And if you want to check out the YouTube videos I made about red flags: this one explains why we ignore red flags in lesbian dating, and this one breaks down the 5 biggest red flags of lesbian dating.

Do you like this podcast format, with me talking solo?

If so, message me here and tell me what questions you’d want me to answer and what topics you’d want me to cover in future solo episodes.

And check out this archived solo episode where I answer some audience questions.

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