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Coming Out Sober and Queer on the Comedy Stage with Becca Lenox

Meet my friend Becca Lenox, a brilliant bisexual former lawyer, now trying to make it as a stand-up comedian in NYC and beyond.

I met Becca Lenox when we were both starting to practice law. We first connected through some acquaintances at a queer law school event, we got to know each other from spending time together in court, and we’ve stayed friends over the years thereafter.

She is wise, bold and badass, and I have wanted to interview her on this podcast for a long time.

During this episode of Women Wanting Women Becca Lenox shares:

  • A formula for what makes comedy funny…
  • A surprising truth about the things in your life you’re embarrassed and ashamed about…
  • A powerful tool for facing who you are and living without fear…
  • The two most important pillars for having patience… AND
  • Some thoughts on dating life as a bisexual woman in NYC…

Make sure you tune in and listen all the way through!

Learn more about Becca Lenox and follow her on social media.

Becca Lenox, who has been called “a rising star in the New York comedy scene,” makes audiences laugh with her unique blend of personal storytelling and observational humor. Her comedy examines the twists and turns of her life, including her journey to sobriety and her experiences with love and relationships as a member of the LGBTQ+ community. Becca's humor is relatable, honest, and always delivered with a wink and a smile.

Follow Becca Lenox on Instagram @becca.lenox.

This is a link to some of Becca Lenox’s current projects.

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