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[Heads up: in this episode with Lauren Smith there will be mentions of sexual violence.]

Lauren Smith wants you to help you trust yourself to spot red flags early on in dating.

Meet Lauren Smith: a queer dating coach who created a system for analyzing how you think and feel after each new date, so you can make the best possible decisions about whom to let in to your life and your heart.

Have you ever been so concerned about how someone else was judging you that you failed to concern yourself with what you actually thought and felt about them?

If so, you’re not alone.

The stress of dating can make it difficult to see the valuable bits of data our thoughts and emotions bring to light. But we need to process that information in order to make good decisions in our dating life.

That’s why Lauren Smith created a tool that anyone can use to check yourself after each date to recognize warning signs that your old habits might have caused you to miss.

During the episode Lauren Smith and I discuss:

  • How to be more compassionate with ourselves even while we’re single, lonely and frustrated with the complications of dating women…
  • Four vital questions you can ask yourself when you meet someone new, to help you detect warning signs…
  • The most important data points everyone should be evaluating when you’re first getting to know women…
  • How to get more comfortable communicating things that are uncomfortable to communicate in the context of dating women…

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Lauren Smith is a speaker, author of The Mindful Dating Journal: Find a Healthy Love that Lasts, and host of the Date in Peace Podcast.

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