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Did you know it was possible to stop suffering?

Every human being can relate to the experience of emotional suffering.

We’ve all experienced sadness and loneliness and rejection and fear and loss and hurt…

It’s literally impossible to live a full life without encountering these kinds of painful emotional experiences.

But IS possible, with the right kind of training, to shift our emotional suffering into a state of ease.

What is suffering and why do we suffer?

Here’s the simple truth: all emotional suffering comes from our thinking.

It’s the thoughts in our heads that cause all the emotions we feel (the good and the bad.)

So we can control our emotions by controlling our thinking.

It’s as simple as that.

But it takes a lifetime to master...

And in this episode of Women Wanting Women I interview my friend GiGi Madl who has spent the last 21 years devoted to mastering the skill of shifting emotional suffering into a state of ease. I asked her to come onto the podcast to share her story and her best advice for how anyone, no matter what they’ve been through, can find a way out of suffering.

Processing grief through movement and dance...

Below is a video tribute that GiGi made for her ex-wife, Rayya Elias.

This beautiful tribute shows powerfully how we can use movement and music to shift and integrate intense life experiences such as death and loss as they happen for all of us.

RAYYA from Marc J. Francis on Vimeo.

More about GiGi Madl.

For all of GiGi’s adult life, she has been committed to ending suffering and knowing who we are beyond the human identity. As a student of the human experience, she has studied her own human evolution through a life of personal inquiry, and her trainings have been varied and wide ranging over the past 20 years of her journey.

She currently lives in NYC and is a real estate broker in Manhattan where her personal development skills vastly pay off. For the past 10 years prior to moving back to NYC, GiGi was facilitating and teaching women's empowerment retreats and workshops internationally. She has taught somatic practices and the inquiry work by Byron Katie and places her focus and enthusiasm on exploring the human potential, personal development and mystical realms.

With over 20 years of experience, GiGi brings a passionate drive in working with people to awaken their innate qualities and how to move them forward in their lives in the direction that is the most meaningful to them.

Follow GiGi Madl on Instagram @gigimadl.

GiGi’s Training...

Different aspects of GiGi Madl’s training and learning that have been highly influential for her include:

  • Dr. Joe Dispenza's Advanced Workshops and Intensives
  • (9) Nine-Day, School for the Work Intensives with Byron Katie
  • Trinfinity Academy, Online Course, Bentinho Massaro
  • A Course in Miracles
  • Abraham Hicks Workshops and Teachings
  • Mooji, (8) Day Silent Retreats in Portugal
  • The Pantarei Approach (GiGi is a certified practitioner)
  • Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy, Dolores Cannon