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Tired Of The Same Old Lesbian Scene?

Nobody knows more about the lesbian scene than DJ Whitney Day.

Who Is She?

DJ Whitney Day has spent the last ten years traveling the world and performing as a distinguished guest at the most exotic lesbian events, making friends with lesbian DJ’s and promoters all across the earth and earning herself the title of the most globally connected lesbian in nightlife.

The Exciting Truth

Hot lesbians are everywhere.

And there are places all around the world women like us can escape to – where it’s swarming with queer women we’ve never met before.

And in this episode I got to pick the brain of the woman who knows more about the lesbian scene around the world than anyone else alive.

Don’t Miss Out!

In this interview DJ Whitney Day shares with us:

  • Suggestions for where lesbians can travel to find a totally new lesbian scene and endless possibilities for love and adventure;
  • 7 unique and exotic lesbian events around the globe that you never heard of;
  • Advice for sustaining a 13-year same-sex female relationship; and
  • Tips for designing a career founded on travel and creativity.

About DJ Whitney Day

DJ Whitney Day is a LGBT community leader, influencer and event producer, who has performed around the globe and produced some of the largest queer-centric events in the US at world-renowned venues such as Marquee New York, House of Yes, Cielo, Avenue, Ace Hotel and the Standard Hotel, as well as in Los Angeles, Palm Springs, and Las Vegas.

Instagram: @djwhitneyday

Facebook: @whitneyday