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Meet my dear friend, Martha Heymans.

Martha is a relationship coach who works with individuals and couples, helping them to use their relationships as a tool for self-discovery.

What if every conflict in your life was actually just a miscommunication?

Martha believes that they are.

And she teaches that how we behave with others (and how their behavior affects us) contains valuable information we can use to grow into better, more understanding and more attractive versions of ourselves.

During the interview Martha shares:

  • A trick for getting others to like you more, without putting yourself down or resorting to people-pleasing…
  • A practice anyone can implement to get along better with others (even with people you don’t like)…
  • An important lesson your criticisms and judgments (that you have about other people) can teach you about yourself…
  • A powerful tool for dealing with social anxiety…
  • A journaling technique to start creating a better life for yourself…

Learn more about Martha Heymans and follow her on social media.

Martha Heymans is a Love & Relationship Coach who specializes in self-reflective work to improve relationships. She works with individuals and couples to help them better understand themselves and each other, increasing communication, conflict resolution skills and connection.

Be sure to follow Martha on Instagram @howwegetalong and check out her website,

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