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Lesbian Relationships: Creating Epic Love And Never Settling, With Annie Lalla

How do we make sure we’re never settling for the wrong person?

Finding true love means making a commitment to never settling.

And that can be scary. Because when we are single and lonely, it’s easy to start doubting whether the “right person” even exists for us. The longer we stay single the more and more overbearing the pressure can be to settle for someone “good enough.”

How do we make sure we find our soulmate in this lifetime?

By never settling before she arrives.

“The most important decision we’ll ever make…”

The decision we make when we pick a life partner is possibly the most important decision we’ll ever make.

How much we succeed or fail in life depends largely on whether we choose a partner who partner pushes us to be better and helps us create conditions for us to thrive… or whether we choose a partner who holds us back or distracts us or gets in the way of us being our best…

Our personal success in life requires our commitment to never settling in love.

Asking an expert…

If there’s one person in the world who I’d turn to for advice on finding epic love and never settling, it’s Annie Lalla. That’s why I was so excited that she agreed to be this episode’s podcast guest.

This interview with Annie Lalla is full of her expert advice on what single women can do to make sure we end up with the most dreamy partner imaginable on earth.

This is personal…

Annie Lalla has had a very big impact on my life.

The first reason is because she saved my last relationship from the brink of separation...

I had a girlfriend for 5 really happy years. But three years into our relationship we had this one very bad fight that left us both fully ready to break up with each other...

But, lucky for us, Annie Lalla was there, at a conference we were attending, and she gave a talk on overcoming conflicts in partnership...

Annie is so profoundly good at what she does that within just about 10 minutes of being on stage, my girlfriend and I were holding hands and crying and back on the same team again…

Annie is a masterful teacher on the subject of love and relationships. I've never seen anything quite like it.

The second reason why this interview is personally important to me is because Annie is married to a man named Eben Pagan, who is the teacher I’ve studied from more than any other teacher in my life.

Annie has a huge influence on Eben’s teachings, and Eben has had a huge influence on me. I’ve learned so much from the two of them, and they’re a very big deal to me.

I’m a huge fan...

I was really excited to talk to Annie and have the opportunity to directly ask her all these burning questions I’ve been wanting to talk about together for so long…

Don’t Miss This Episode

In this episode Annie shares some incredible tips, including:

  • How to make sure we’re never settling for the wrong person
  • The best steps to take to attract your soulmate into your life
  • The best mind-technology for increasing your self-esteem, and
  • The important truth about jealousy, envy and shame and what it can teach us about our relationships with other women

  • How about you?

    Are you willing to commit to never settling in love?

    If so, then make a promise to yourself right now. Take out your journal and write the following pledge: I’m never settling until she finds me. I’m never settling until we find each other. I’m never settling, no matter how scary it gets.

A little more about Annie Lalla…

Annie Lalla is known as the cartographer of love. (For those of us who aren’t the best with vocabulary, cartographer means map maker. And this title is so appropriate for her because she’s so poetic and graphic in her imagery when she teaches, and she truly does have a gift for mapping out the mysteries of love. A cartographer of love, indeed.)

Annie is professionally certified in coaching, NLP and clinical hypnosis, and her work also incorporates her studies of evolutionary psychology, integral theory, spiral dynamics, inter-generational family systems and therapeutic sexuality. Annie works with singles looking to find partners and couples wanting to resolve conflicts that erode their connection, and she helps people attract, create and foster extraordinary connections that maximize freedom and minimize shame. You can find her and a ton of the valuable free resources she gives away at

Instagram: @lallabird


Twitter: @AnnieLalla