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Meet Jennifer Russell: A sorceress of feeling confident, connected, beautiful and good enough…

For years Jennifer Russell’s work has been about showing women how to source their power and how to be more powerful in more ways.

As lesbians it’s important for us to learn this.

Because women are attracted to power.

There’s nothing hotter than a powerful woman.

We want to have power and be empowered, but our culture tends to have a “conflicted” relationship with the word power (and with the idea of power).

Power scares people.

And yet, we can’t be powerful in our lives if we are threatened by the idea of power.

“If we have a conflicted relationship with the idea of power, we get cut off from our personal power” Jennifer Russell…

Jennifer Russell teaches that the first step in accessing our power is to make sure we intend to use it in service of something transcendent, for the good of all.

There is no reason to feel “conflicted” about being powerful if we know in our heart that we are using power as a source of good.

But how do we know what our power is and how to use it?

There are many ways of being powerful.

There are different types of power we can tap into.

And Jennifer Russell has created one of my favorite frameworks for understanding this topic.

Jennifer Russell’s “Four Faces of incorruptible Power”…

In this episode of Women Wanting Women I talk with Jennifer Russell about what she calls “The Four Faces of Incorruptible Power.”

During the interview she breaks down what the four different faces are, how we can express them, and what the “shadow side” of that power is (so we can avoid “over-using” the power in ways that cause harm.)

This is definitely not an episode you want to miss.

Find out more about Jennifer Russell and follow her on social media…

Jennifer Russell is a speaker, author, leadership consultant, and coach, teaching integrated leadership through transformational developmental programs.

She is the CEO of Eden World, a membership community of conscious couples, bringing together visionaries, community builders, and thought leaders to break through to the next level of loving and leadership.

In her roles she’s helped bring more than 40 new technologies to market in dozen different industries.

Jennifer Russell and her partner Bryan Franklin work with couples to develop a deeper context for their relationship leading both partners towards their own evolution.

You can learn more about Jennifer Russell on her website at Jennifer's "Power Profile" is available here. You can find the work Jennifer does with couples at You can also find her on LinkedIn.