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The Most Embarrassing Thing I Ever Did In The Lesbian Scene

There’s nothing worse than doing something socially embarrassing.

In my case, the most embarrassing thing I ever did happened at a lesbian event in around 2012.

And in this episode of Women Wanting Women I share the story of what I did and why it was so embarrassing.

During the episode I share:

  • A story so embarrassing that I ran away screaming when it happened…
  • Some personal details about my friendship with my ex…
  • The main reasons why my partner isn’t jealous of my ex, and why I’m not jealous of the ex she’s still close to…
  • The way my partner’s ex helped our relationship get started… AND
  • My advice for women who start dating someone who is still close with an ex…

And if you want to check out the YouTube videos I made on this topic, this one talks about how exes can sometimes feel like family and this one that talks about red flags to look out for if your partner has a toxic relationship with an ex.

Do you like this podcast format, with me talking solo?

If so, message me here and tell me what questions you’d want me to answer and what topics you’d want me to cover in future solo episodes.

And check out these archived solo episodes where I share stories and answer some audience questions.

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