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Meet Samantha Fox…

Samantha Fox is a NY-based licensed marriage and family therapist, in practice for 12 years.

Samantha Fox specializes in women who come out later in life.

And she should know.

Samantha Fox also came out later in her own life.

Coming out later in life…

Married with three kids, she knew in the back of her mind she wanted to be with women. Until 9/11 happened, and she realized life could end faster than we think.

The painful experience of divorce and the breakup of her family left her wanting to use her training to help others going through it.

Curious questioning and coming out…

The name of Samantha Fox’s coaching program for women coming out later in life is Curious Questioning and Coming Out.

And during this episode of Women Wanting Women I had a great conversation with Samantha Fox about her own story and the work she does in the LGBTQ+ community.

Lesbian chat…

In the interview Samantha Fox and I discuss:

  • how long you have to wait after being heartbroken (by a partner leaving you?) so you’re healed enough to start a healthy relationship with someone new;
  • what the biggest challenges are for women who start dating while divorcing from a man;
  • what women are most insecure about when they start dating women for the first time, later in life; AND
  • Samantha’s perspective of the most common benefits (and challenges) of relationships between two women

This is an episode you don’t want to miss.

Learn more about Samantha Fox and follow her on social media…

Samantha Fox is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in based in New York. Samantha has been in private practice since 2012, working with individuals and couples struggling with sexuality, sexual issues, coming out later in life and intimacy. Her coaching program Curious Questioning and Coming out gives women a safe space to explore, find and live their truth, and creates an embracing community for women around the globe that are questioning their sexuality or coming out later in life.

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