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Lesbian Politician: District Attorney Satana Deberry

District Attorney Satana Deberry shares her advice for holding positions of power while still being a great boss, mother and human being.

Meet Satana Deberry, the lesbian running to be the Attorney General for the State of North Carolina...

Are the things you’re working on in life right now serving you on your journey to become the person you want to be?

And if not, are you willing to do anything about it?

Well on this episode of Women Wanting Women I talk about all that and more with District Attorney Satana Deberry, a lesbian politician who is currently running to be North Carolina’s Attorney General.

During the episode Satana Deberry shares:

  • Advice for having the courage to take a stand on issues…
  • Advice for how to break a routine that’s not working for you anymore…
  • Advice for how to be a great boss…
  • Advice for how to handle yourself in situations where you make mistakes…
  • Advice for managing your own energy when you feel insecure… AND
  • Advice for how to have thicker skin when you’re afraid someone is pissed at you…

Don’t miss this interview!

Learn more about Satana Deberry (and her campaign) and follow her on social media:

Satana Deberry serves as the elected District Attorney for Durham County. Prior to her role as District Attorney, Deberry served as a criminal defense attorney in her hometown of Hamlet, North Carolina, General Counsel for the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services, and executive director of the nonprofit North Carolina Housing Coalition.

Satana Deberry is a recipient of the North Carolina Justice Center’s 2020 Defender of Justice Award for Litigation, the Duke Law Alumni Association’s 2020 Charles S. Murphy Award for Civic Service, and Attorney General Josh Stein’s Dogwood Award. She received her AB in Sociology from Princeton University, her Juris Doctor from Duke University School of Law and her master’s in Business Administration from Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business. She is a mother who enjoys spending time with her three adult daughters.

To support Satana Deberry's campaign for Attorney General, click here:

And also be sure to follow Satana Deberry's campaign on Instagram.

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