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Hitting rock-bottom in dating…

Have you ever hit rock-bottom?

The good thing about hitting rock-bottom is that, even though you feel wretched, life always gets better from there. (Because that’s the definition of “rock bottom”).

And in this episode of Women Wanting Women I talk about the absolute low-point in my dating life and the important lesson I learned that allowed me to turn it around powerfully for myself.

During the episode I share:

  • The story of getting rejected during my worst dry spell…
  • The reason my mentor called me out for a mistake I didn’t know I was making…
  • The lifechanging advice that transformed the way I approached dating and the way women responded to me… AND
  • The practical steps anyone can take right now to make the same changes I did, even if you’re currently at rock-bottom…

Don’t miss this episode.

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Do you like this podcast format, with me talking solo?

If so, message me here and tell me what questions you’d want me to answer and what topics you’d want me to cover in future solo episodes.

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