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“Lesbian Dating Is A Numbers Game”

We’ve all heard it before: that lesbian dating is hard because we are part of a minority and there are fewer of us to go around…

Chances are good that if you’re a LGBTQ female looking for love , you think it’s true that as a lesbian, the numbers are not in our favor. That really factually it IS harder for us to meet available women.

“Don’t Believe Everything You Think”

But just because we think something is true doesn’t mean that it is, indeed, true.


Hold that thought for a second, because before we go any further I need to share with you a very important (and very brief) micro history lesson.


Do you know the origin of the word “meme”?

The term was coined by evolutionary biologist/ethologist/author Richard Dawkins, and it refers to ideas that get spread around society the way viruses do.

Memes are ideas that are contagious like a virus.

Ideas “go viral” through people’s brains just the same way funny videos do on YouTube.

Not everything we think is true is actually true.

Some things we think are true simply because we got infected by a meme (an idea virus).

The Lesbian Dating Meme

Here’s the truth…

The idea that “lesbian dating is hard because we are a minority and it’s harder for us to meet each other” is actually just a meme. A viral idea.

The belief that “it’s hard for lesbians to meet women” is a virus that we all got infected with. Literally.

And when we talk about this idea or when we think about it or act on it we spread the contagious virus germs to all the women around us.

And that sucks because the symptoms of this virus are really nasty.

The Nasty Symptoms Of The Lesbian Dating Meme

Women in our community who have caught this virus and who are infected with the meme (who believe it’s harder for lesbians to meet each other) have a harder time finding love than women who are not infected.

Because this idea makes us negative, frustrated, and insecure. And negativity, frustration and insecurity are turn-offs for other women.

So what’s the result?

Women infected with this virus struggle more with lesbian dating.

Women infected with this virus are rejected more often.

Women infected with this virus stay single for longer periods of time.

These are terrible symptoms for a virus to have! I wouldn’t wish that nastiness on my worst enemy. Would you?

This is a nasty virus to be passing around.

We Are Literally Passing Around An STD Of The Mind!

Yes, this sound disgusting. I know. But it’s true. The idea that it’s harder for lesbian to meet partners is literally an STD, and given the severe symptoms mentioned above, it’s a super destructive virus.

Because, here’s the thing…

We understand the world around us through the words and stories we tell ourselves about the world around us. That’s why language is so powerful. That’s why the thoughts we think are SO powerful.

When we tell ourselves repeatedly the story that it’s harder for queer women to meet each other, then that story becomes the way we understand the world. That story is what shapes our entire experience of our life situation.

The idea virus becomes our reality.

And the idea is contagious! And women around you can catch it like a virus.


So we have to eliminate this virus once and for all from our community.

The Cure

The good news is that this virus can be cured. There is an antidote.

Lesbian dating would be a lot easier if we didn’t tell ourselves how hard lesbian dating is. Click To Tweet

The antidote to this virus is to purposely and powerfully pick a more empowering way of viewing our dating pool.

It’s far more empowering to say “hot lesbians are everywhere.”

Hot. Lesbians. Are. Everywhere.

Hot lesbian are everywhere. Click To Tweet

That’s the new story that we all need to implant in our brains to drown out any viral ideas about lesbian dating being a difficult endeavor.

When we all start to replace the old negative idea with the new idea that “hot lesbians are everywhere” we make lesbian dating easier and better for everyone.

Don’t Believe Me?

If you don’t believe me that hot lesbians are everywhere, then watch this YouTube video where I explain more.

Watch now and learn the quickest, simplest best thing you can do to make the lesbian dating scene easier and better for everyone.