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Mexican Lesbian Activist, Producer and Entrepreneur Bárbara Arredondo Ayala

Bárbara Arredondo Ayala shares her history of pushing boundaries and making an impact on the international stage.

Meet my dear friend, Bárbara Arredondo Ayala…

Who is the first lesbian friend you text when you meet someone new or match on an app or get back from a date?

Throughout the years I was single, between breaking up with my ex and meeting my fiancé, that person for me was Bárbara Arredondo Ayala.

But in addition to being an amazing friend, Bárbara is also an incredible badass and a cultural leader in Latin America, and everyone in the queer community can be proud that she’s one of our own.

And in this episode of Women Wanting Women I talk to Bárbara all about her story of how she’s been pushing boundaries and making an impact on the international stage ever since she was in her early 20’s.

During the interview Bárbara Arredondo Ayala shares:

  • How she got invited to Davos and became a change-maker on the national and international stage in her 20’s…
  • How to use other people’s stories for personal and societal transformation…
  • What we can do as human beings when we have the right words…
  • Things to keep in mind when you’re hitting on other women…
  • Advice for managing your own energy when you feel insecure…
  • Tips for how to connect with high-level people and recruit their support for your projects… AND
  • How an experiment she started with 4 friends turned into one of the top 10 Spanish-language podcasts in the world…

Don’t miss the episode!

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Activist, producer and entrepreneur Bárbara Arredondo Ayala has more than fifteen years of experience advancing the rights of women and children and engaging in peace-building efforts.

Bárbara is the co-founder of projects that seek to promote the economic power, media representation, and leadership of girls and women, including Decididas (a content and events platform that highlights the stories of female decision-makers and role models in Latin America), Anonima Media (a production company that seeks to create, develop, and promote stories created and starring women from Latin America and Spain with the actress, producer, and activist Eréndira Ibarra and the screenwriter and producer Natasha Ybarra-Klor) and Lidh, a financial services and financial education platform tailored to the financial needs of women in Mexico.

Barbara is also the co-founder of the Estas Morras podcast.

In 2015 Bárbara was invited by the United States Department of State to participate in the first generation of the International Visitor Leadership Program: Women, Peace and Security.

Bárbara started her career as a journalist at Reporte Indigo. She studied international relations at ITESM Campus Monterrey.

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