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People Pleasing, Manipulation, and Taking Up Space with Jenn Lederer

Jenn Lederer teaches how to story-tell your life/career using a comedian’s formula.

[Heads up: during this interview with Jenn Lederer there will be mentions of sexual violence.]

Meet queer comedian and keynote speaker Jenn Lederer…

Have you ever wanted to be better at engaging with new people when you meet them for the first time?

What if you could talk about yourself in a way that lights people up and makes them care about what you’re saying?

Well in this episode of Women Wanting Women I talk about all this and more with Jenn Lederer, a queer comedian and keynote speaker based in New York City.

During the interview Jenn Lederer shares:

  • How to create powerful talking points for when someone asks you questions, so you communicate about yourself more effectively, create more connection and recruit any help you need in reaching your goals…
  • The three things you can talk about that will light you and others up in conversation…
  • Why speaking too quickly can diminish your personal power…
  • Advice for staying motivated in the face of rejection…
  • The secret fear that drives our people-pleasing tendencies… AND
  • The surprising way you might be manipulating people without realizing it...


Don’t miss the episode!


Also be sure to also check out Jenn Lederer’s book recommendation: The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron.

Learn more about Jenn Lederer and follow her on social media…

Jenn Lederer is a NYC based award-winning comedian and keynote speaker. Her work has been featured by SiriusXM,, The Huffington Post, Inspiring Lives Magazine, on stages at YALE, Twitter and Google Headquarters in NYC and comedy clubs throughout New York City and Europe. Performing all over the country, internationally and virtually, Jenn emcees and leads workshops and keynotes helping audiences learn how to answer the one question everyone hates (but can’t avoid) “What do you do?” with the “comedian’s formula” for educating, connecting and entertaining your audience.

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