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Jordana Michelle: Reflecting On This Lesbian Podcast

Why create a lesbian podcast?

There are lots of podcasts about how we, as humans, can increase our personal power, but it was important to me to create a lesbian podcast on this topic, because not all advice applies to us, as queer women, the same way it applies to typical straight people.

Some of the challenges we face in our lives, as queer women, are different from the challenges faced by straight women and straight men. And in some cases, even if we are facing the same challenges as straight men and women, the best solutions for solving those challenges will be different for us as queer women than they are for straight people.

That’s why I felt there needed to be a lesbian podcast that could address the questions of pursuing success and overcoming challenges from the queer female perspective.

This isn’t the only lesbian podcast…

No, this isn’t the only lesbian podcast.

But Women Wanting Women is unique because it’s a lesbian podcast specifically focused on how we, as queer women, can become more powerful.

The format for this lesbian podcast has been long interviews with world-class experts. The interviews have been deep and packed with insights.

Who’s listening to this lesbian podcast?

Ever since starting this podcast I’ve been contacted by women all over the world who are tuning in.

And all the women I’ve been hearing from (who have reached out to me after finding this lesbian podcast) have a lot in common. They are super smart and deep and sensitive and successful and growth-oriented and badass.

So if you’re reading this right now, that probably describes you, because everyone else who has reached out to me so far has been exactly that. And that’s the community you are a part of, by being a supporter of this lesbian podcast.

For those of you who have reached out personally, the best part of my journey has been connecting with you and coaching you and getting to be a part of your journey and your success. And even if you haven’t reached out, I’m glad you’re here.

Got questions?

If you ever have questions or ideas that you’d want to see covered, please email them to me at and I’ll either answer them on a future podcast episode or in a YouTube Video or on a Facebook Live or Instagram Live.

So if you don’t already subscribe to my YouTube Channel or follow me on Facebook and Instagram, go and add me now so you don’t miss any valuable content that you won’t ever hear on this podcast.

I share tons of free tips and strategies there for attracting and dating women as a woman.

Something even better…

As much as I love this lesbian podcast and my YouTube channel, the best things I’ve created, by far, are my two online courses.

The first one I created is called Come Out Confidently, and that one teaches how to use the experience of coming out as a massive opportunity for growth and expansion and increasing our personal power in life. Since coming out forces us all the way outside of our comfort and safety zones, we can actually use that disruption as a training ground for being more badass in all areas of life. Come Out Confidently teaches you the steps for doing this. You can learn more at

The second online course I created is called Magnetic Attraction for Lesbians.

Magnetic Attraction for Lesbians teaches all about what women, in particular, are attracted to, and how we, as women, can harness a variety of different powers of attraction to make women desire us more. It’s hot and I’ve been getting incredible feedback. You can learn more HERE.

Individual guidance…

Also, if you ever are want to talk to me personally about the specific challenges you’re facing in your dating life, I offer one-on-one coaching. Because it’s one thing to listen to my free videos and podcasts, but it’s another thing to have my laser-focused attention on YOU and the unique facts and circumstances of your life and the questions you’re facing.

I’m here to help and I’d love to meet you, and you can learn more about that HERE.

But now, let’s get back to the lesbian podcast!

All the prior episodes of Women Wanting Women have been me interviewing other people and asking them questions. And I decided I’m going to take this 25th episode of Women Wanting Women as an opportunity to reflect and answer audience questions.

Tune in to this episode to learn:

  • How this lesbian podcast got started…
  • How to navigate falling in love with a straight girl?
  • What to do when we’re a lesbian in a small town?
  • How can we tell if our feelings are reciprocated?