Hi, my name is Jordana Michelle…

And I’m going to teach you to alchemize the experience of coming out into the greatest opportunity you’ve ever had to exponentially increase your confidence and personal power.


I know this sounds like a big promise

Especially since admitting we’re different from most of society can often be a source of deep discomfort and shame…


But I promise, woman to woman, as an experienced lesbian love coach who has been through this myself in my own life…

Even if you come from a place where same-sex-relationships are considered "wrong" or "disgusting"…

You’re about to discover a simple formula for turning the uncomfortable experiences we go through when coming out into a source of massive evolution and transformation.

And as you evolve and transform in this way you will start to love yourself more and get more respect from others than ever before.


Who am I to make such an outrageous promise and why should you even listen to me?

While I may be a lesbian love coach now, I wasn’t always out or comfortable with my sexuality.…

In fact, I was closeted and insecure for years before I finally came out at age 23.

But I went from being an awkward, closeted, people-pleasing follower to being a confident openly-gay leader who attracts new friends and lovers everywhere I go.


And I’m here to tell you that you can do the same in your life if you simply learn the rules of coming out confidently.

Because coming out is truly an opportunity for us to be brave and heroic in a way that most “straight” people never have the chance to do.

And anyone who learns the tools I discovered can take themselves through the process of coming out in a way that acts as a “training ground” for overcoming our fears and making ourselves immune from other people’s judgements and increasing our personal power in all areas of life.


That’s why I created


The name says it all… because that’s exactly what this class teaches women like us…

how to come out in a way that leaves us more confident and powerful than we ever were before.

Feeling insecure or ashamed about our sexuality drains our energy and attention. You deserve to get your life back and to always feel sexy in your sexuality.

Coming out can be the best thing that ever happened to you, and COME OUT CONFIDENTLY will show you how.


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