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Surviving And Thriving After An Affair: With Melissa Davis

What do you do if/when you find out the person you love is having an affair?

The discovery of a partner’s affair can be traumatic and heartbreaking and earth-shattering.

But unfortunately a lot of women have partners who cheat.

Melissa Davis, my guest on this episode of Women Wanting Women, thought she had the perfect life…

She married her college sweetheart and they had two baby girls (a 3-year old and a newborn infant) when she found out her husband was having an affair with her best friend.

What could be more maddening than that?

But Melissa emerged from the torment and heartbreak and shame with a purpose.

Creating value out of our own pain…

Melissa took everything she learned from her experience healing from her husband’s affair and joined forces with two other psychologists (one of whom also had a cheating husband) and together they created an online affair recovery program to help other women who find themselves in the same situation.

I really resonate with Melissa’s mission, because what she’s doing for women who have been cheated on is exactly what I’m doing for women in the queer female community. I created (Come Out Confidently and Magnetic Attraction For Lesbians) because having learned the powerful lessons that enabled me to end my own struggles, I became passionate about teaching what I learned to other women who are in similar situations.

Come Out Confidently is the class I created to help women use the experience of coming out as a massive opportunity for increasing your personal power. And Magnetic Attraction For Lesbians is the class I created to share all the secrets I learned about the inner and outer game of how to attract other women as a woman.

Kindred spirits…

That’s why when Melissa contacted me to tell me about her story and the work that she’s doing, I felt like we were kindred spirits and I was excited to invite her onto the podcast to share her story and her wisdom.

In this episode you will learn:

  • The stages all women go through after finding out their partner had an affair
  • The worst things to say to someone when you find out their partner had an affair
  • How revenge works, after a someone finds out their partner had an affair, AND
  • Tricks to stop obsessing about your partner’s affair and the person they were sleeping with

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