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Meet Devi Maisha…

I was introduced to Devi Maisha by Kimra Luna (a former podcast guest and now friend.)

Kimra organized a ladies night for a few of her queer female entrepreneur friends downtown in New York City, and Maisha was one of the other guests there.

From the moment we started talking I could tell Maisha is wise and deep and super interesting to listen to, so I invited her on the podcast (on the spot) knowing she would have great ideas to share (even if I had no idea what those ideas would be).

I didn’t know what to expect…

As you’ll hear for yourself, Maisha is an engaging and thought-provoking guest and I had a great time the whole way through the interview.

During the episode Maisha shares her best tips for how to:

  • Perform what she calls “Sex Magic”
  • Use sex for healing and transforming your life
  • Excavate and overcome sexual and romantic jealousy, AND
  • Increase your personal sense of power as a woman

I’m grateful to Kimra Luna for introducing me to Maisha. And, by the way, for anyone who hasn’t yet listened to Kimra’s episode on the podcast, be sure to check that out HERE after you finish this episode, because her story is amazing.

But before you do, I hope you enjoy this wide-ranging interview with Devi Maisha.

More about Maisha…

Devi Maisha is a Tantra and Sacred Sexuality teacher who specializes in showing people how to take their sex lives higher, release their trauma and shame around sex, create better relationships, and transform their lives into abundance and ecstasy through the use of Sacred Sexuality and Sex Magic.

She is a former certified personal trainer and nutrition coach who combines her knowledge and study in the areas of psychology, tantra, and sacred sexuality with her training in energy work to facilitate inner healing and better sex for her clients.

Maisha has studied Reiki, Chakra Healing and LifeForce Energy Healing, Active and Shamanic Tantra, and Tibetan Buddhist Tantra.

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The tantra resource recommended in the podcast can be found HERE