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Kimra Luna...

You might not have heard of Kimra Luna before, but she has a message that is extremely important for all of us to remember…

Living life without making excuses…

What excuses do you tell yourself about why you don’t have more of the things you want?

It’s easy to make excuses. We all do it sometimes.

But every once in a while someone else comes along who has had things 1000 times harder than we ever had it, but despite those obstacles still managed to achieve unbelievable things.

In this episode, that someone is Kimra Luna.

A reminder of what’s possible…

My guest, Kimra Luna, is someone who has had to overcome outrageously painful obstacles to achieve the success she has in her life.

She has lived through everything from physical abuse to sexual violence to racism to depression to dropping out of college… but despite those challenges she was bold enough to take herself from living on welfare to creating a million-dollar business and a devoted online following.

If she can create what she’s created, starting from the horrific background she came from, then it’s time for all of us to question our excuses.

Question your excuses…

As you'll hear in this interview, Kimra Luna is someone who pursues personal development as a way of life.

When Kimra wants something, she takes action. She learns what she needs to learn, she does what she needs to do, and she continually shows the universe how much she believes in herself.

In this interview you’ll get to hear from Kimra Luna first-hand what it really means to be a self-made person and how much is possible when we make the decision to heal, to succeed, to change for the better and to take action, going boldly for what we want.

Don’t Miss This Episode

In this interview Kimra Luna reveals:

  • Advice for how to build success and financial abundance starting on a zero budget
  • 3 different types of journaling she recommends for maximum healing and success
  • A secret for learning to love our bodies and faces (for those of us who don’t)
  • How many followers she lost after coming out as LGBT to her fans
  • Suggested resources for overcoming sexual trauma; and
  • Countless intimate details about her amazing background that will leave you moved and inspired

More about Kimra Luna

Kimra Luna is the founder of Freedom Hackers and she’s a personal branding and online business strategist. She helps freedom-seeking entrepreneurs to stand out, captivate their audiences’ attention and monetize their authentic brands online.

From a standing start in May 2014, she’s grown her email list and combined social media followings to over 200,000 people. Kimra is the creator of Be True, Brand You, her signature online program which has over 1500 students currently enrolled and has 5000 students enrolled in her other online programs.

You can find her YouTube, Instagram and Facebook by searching Kimra Luna.

Instagram: @kimraluna

Twitter: @kimraluna

Facebook: @freedomhackers

Patreon Page:

Websites: and and

Links to Kimra’s suggested resources:


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