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I have an important message from your soulmate…

There is an important message from your soulmate that you need to hear…

This message is for you even if you don't currently know who your soulmate is.

Because if it is your desire to be in a loving partnership, even if you aren’t currently in one, what you have to understand is that one day you will be.

This is an absolute fact.

Love is real.

This world is full of beautiful people looking for love, and an abundance of those beautiful people would make a great match for you.

And a day will inevitably come when one of those beautiful people will cross your path and the two of you will meet and fall in love and build the partnership that you both long for.

It is imperative for you to believe that this is true.

Sometimes it’s hard to believe in love.

When we are single and alone, it’s easy to look at our life and get skeptical and fear that the universe is giving us the message that we are destined to be alone.

We start to tell ourselves the message that maybe we’ll never find someone.

But those worries are lies.

Our past is not an illustration of our future…

We can’t look back to our yesterdays to find out what’s going to happen tomorrow. That’s not how it works. The future holds something different.

If you want love you can have it.

In the long-term, the only thing that can keep us from finding love is our own self-sabotaging or giving up.

If you are willing to continually work on yourself and put yourself out there then you will find love eventually.

Because so many people are out there looking for love. There are just too many for you to miss finding a good match.

Have you ever been on a crowded subway where the train was so packed that there was no way to avoid bumping up against the people next to you? – Well this is the same thing.

This world is like a crowded subway, and it’s inevitable you will eventually bump up against someone who will want to share with you the kind of loving partnership you long for.

I promise you this is true.

So here’s the thing…

Since you will be in a relationship one day, the woman you will be in that relationship with is out there somewhere.

Right now.

We don’t yet know who she is or where she is or what she’s like…

But we know she exists.

She is a real person and she’s alive somewhere on this earth right now.

She is real.

Let me tell you about her…

There is something very important you need to understand about this woman.

She is walking around without her partner, just the way that you are.

We know this is true because you are her partner! And you haven’t found each other yet.

Can you imagine what this is like from her perspective?

Can you imagine her commute home from work every day without a partner to talk to? Can you imagine her lonely nights? Can you imagine her disappointment every time she leaves a bad date? Can you imagine her watching romantic movies and wishing you were there?

Wherever she is right now, she’s longing for you just as much as you’re longing for her.

She misses you just as much as you miss her.

She needs you.

This woman is real, and she needs you to find her.

She needs you to believe in her.

She needs you to believe in love.

She needs you to stay strong because the only thing that can keep you from finding her is your own self-sabotaging or giving up.

Don’t give up!!!

The fact that she is real means that you are never alone.

She is yours and she is somewhere on this earth right now.

Whatever you’re going through, one day you’ll share it with her. One day you’ll tell her all about it. And when she hears about your hard times, she’ll wish she could have been there to soothe your heart in those moments.

Give her what she wants.

Grant her that wish.

Let her soothe you right now. Let the knowledge of her existence warm your heart every time you need it.

Let her be there for you.

Let her keep you company.

Connect with her in your heart.

Talk to her. Write her a letter. Write her a text message.

You can share them with her one day when you finally meet. She will love reading every single message you’ve written.

All of that is better than self-sabotaging or giving up.

What’s keeping her away?

We keep her away when we lose hope.

We keep her away when we despair that maybe we’ll never find her.

When we lose hope and despair we get depressed.

And when we’re depressed we have less energy and motivation to go out and take new opportunities.

When we lose hope of finding love, we end up trying to make things work with women who are completely wrong for us (which only leads to disappointment and rejection and feeling empty.)

Urgent message…

The important message your soulmate needs you to hear is that she is real and she is with you and you are never alone.

Are you listening to this message?

If you need more convincing, I talk to you about it directly in the video on the top of this page. So check it out and leave a comment and be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel if you haven’t already.

Will you do what she’s asking?

Will you be strong for this woman who is waiting for you?

Will you connect with your her in your heart and let her be there for you, in spirit, even while you’re apart?

Are you committed to believing in love and staying positive and proactive until you find each other?

I will be so happy for you when the two of you finally find each other.

But until then, keep remembering that hot lesbians are everywhere, that love is real, and that the woman of your dreams is on her way into your life in perfect timing…


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