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The fear we will never find love…

It’s normal to be afraid that we’ll never find love..

We all know what it’s like to walk through our neighborhoods and see old ladies who are alone, who never had partners, who never found love…

And when we see women like that, it’s normal for us to ask: Could that happen to me?

What if we never find love?

What if nobody we truly desire ever desires us back?

What if there is nobody we ever want, who wants us back?

What if all the women we are attracted to simply don’t want us, and all the women who do want us are really unattractive?

Everyone worries about these things at one point or another during our lives…

These are normal fears.

It is a normal human thing to be afraid to never find love.

But fears can be dangerous.

And the fear of not finding love is one of the most dangerous fears of them all…

Let me tell you a story...

A few weeks ago Jackie met Mandy at a party… They hit it off right away and had chemistry. This was the first time in 5 months that Jackie had met someone she liked who seemed to be equally interested and excited about her.

But after an hour of talking, Mandy wanted to rejoin her friends who were also at the party. It’s not that she didn’t like Jackie (she did!), but she was out with a group that night, and she didn’t want to disappear on them. (Especially because a few of the people in the group were visiting from out of town and Mandy really wanted to spend time with them.)

From Mandy’s perspective everything was great. She was out having fun, she met someone hot who she was excited to connect with later, and she was happy to enjoy the out-of-town visitors who she doesn’t often get to see.

But things got weird as soon as Mandy started trying to move away from her conversation with Jackie.

Jackie kept trying to get Mandy’s attention. She started drinking more. She started talking louder. She was trying to look cool, but really she just looked a little pathetic...

The truth is that deep inside Jackie was freaking out. From Jackie’s perspective she couldn’t understand why Mandy would want to walk away from their conversation.

Jackie hasn’t had a relationship in a few years, so there’s nothing on earth that takes priority over a woman she feels chemistry for. Jackie is so afraid of ending up alone that anytime she meets someone she thinks could be a good match, that person becomes Jackie’s entire world. All Jackie wanted that night was to be cozy in a corner talking to Mandy, feeling that chemistry they had for each other when they first met.

Mandy liked Jackie at first. She really did.

But Jackie’s behavior was unattractive. Jackie was so insecure and defensive with Mandy that by the end of the night, Mandy didn’t even really want to see Jackie again.

Jackie’s fear of being alone and never finding love totally ruined her game that night.

The most dangerous fear...

The fear of not finding love is a powerful force that can drive us to doubt ourselves. And when we doubt ourselves we can end up feeling so insecure that we turn women off.

When we act out of fear we do not stand in our power.

When we act out of fear we risk letting out all the worst sides of our personality.

Whether it’s neediness or desperation or jealousy or negativity or anger, insecure behaviors are a huge turn-off to women we meet.

And that kind of behavior destroys all chances of real love.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

It is normal to feel afraid that perhaps we’ll never find love in our lives.

But we can’t let this fear control us.

Even those lonely old ladies we see in our neighborhoods… even those ladies could find love if they made the commitment to working on themselves and their issues while also opening up their lives to meeting new people. (These are things that can be learned and worked on!)

Taking control over our fears…

Here’s the truth…

We have total choice over the thoughts in our minds.

When fearful thoughts enter our mind that tell us we’ll never find love, we don’t have to listen!

We have total choice to pick a different thought.

We have the power, in that moment (in EVERY moment!), to tell ourselves instead that love is real and that love is inevitable in our lifetime.

We have the power, in every moment, to stop and connect with our soulmate.

We have the power to put our hands on our hearts, and picture our soulmate and feel her presence as if she was in the same room. We have the power to pause and breathe and feel how our soulmate, wherever she may be right now, is probably just as lonely and frustrated as we are, because she doesn’t know where to find us. She misses us just as much as we miss her, and we have the power, in every moment, to choose to be with her (“in spirit”) and send her a deep, loving promise that we will never give up until we find her.

The things that show up in our lives are a reflection of the thoughts we choose to think…

It’s a known fact that the things that show up in our lives are a reflection of the thoughts we choose to think.

We have total choice at every moment to choose to think about our soulmate and relate to her in our hearts and minds as if she’s a real person.

Doing so brings a massive amount of relief from our loneliness. Connecting with our soulmate in real-time (and letting her keep us company, like an “imaginary friend”) can help us avoid feeling needy. And it helps us trust in love. And having that kind of faith is what leads to more confidence when dating.

Easier said than done?

Living our best lives requires mental discipline.

Mental discipline isn’t easy.

Choosing our thoughts (when our minds are stuck in a spiral of fear) is not easy.

But the things that show up in our lives are a reflection of the thoughts we choose to think. So mental discipline is the best way to take control and responsibility over what shows up in our lives.

We don’t have to let our fears control us.

We have total power, in every moment, to choose the thoughts that lead to success.

We owe it to ourselves and we owe it to our soulmates to be disciplined about where we focus our thoughts.

Because I’m gong to promise you something…

Love is real.

Love is real...

If you don’t already have someone in your life, that means there is someone on this earth right now who is perfect for you. She’s someone who you will think is so hot (and she’s going to be just as attracted to you as you are to her). And you’re going to think she’s so cool and awesome, and she’s going to find you just as cool and just as awesome. You are going to be crazy about each other when you meet.

This is a fact.

And wherever she is, she misses you just as much as you miss her.

Wherever she is, it hurts her just as much as it hurts you that you are apart.

Believing in love is the key to finding love.

So she needs you to believe in her.

Your soulmate needs you to believe in her!

She needs you to be strong and not give up and not give in to fear.

She needs you to have mental discipline and to make decisions that lead you to find each other.

Are you willing to do that for her?

Are you committed to finding love?

This is really important.

This message is so important that I want you to hear it from me directly. I made a video about it, so check it out on the top of this page and leave a comment solidifying your intention to stop buying into fear and to start believing in love instead.

(Who knows, maybe your soulmate will read this same page and see what you wrote!)

I’ll see you next time. Until then, keep believing.

Because the absolute truth is that hot lesbians are everywhere, love is real and the woman of your dreams is on her way into your life in perfect timing.

I promise.


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