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I have a question… is it fun talking to someone who has a bad attitude?

Is it fun hanging out with negative women who only see the dark side of every situation?

Is it sexy when a woman is bitter and convinced that she’s never going to get what she wants in love?

No, that’s not hot.

The universal truth is that there’s nothing sexy about a bad attitude.

Especially when a woman has a bad attitude about love and relationships.

Being single can be miserable for women who can’t endure loneliness. And when a woman is feeling miserable about being single, other women can sense that, intuitively.

Let me tell you a story.

I was out at a lesbian event recently and I ran into a woman I’ve known for many years (who I will call “Tracy”, out of privacy and respect.) About two years ago Tracy’s fiancé ended their relationship, and Tracy never really got over it. When I ran into Tracy she was standing on the side of the dance floor looking like she wasn’t having a good time.

When I asked her how she was doing, she shrugged and said “I have to come to these stupid lesbian events now because I don’t want to be alone, but I hate it here. This sucks.”

Is it true?

Does Tracy really “have to” be there?

And does the party really suck?

Or is it just Tracy’s bad attitude that sucks?

It’s possible to approach the same situation in a better way.

Just five minutes before running into Tracy I had been standing with three other friends of mine who are also single (and also getting over heartbreak.) But instead of being pissed off or feeling “forced” to be at this lesbian party, they were laughing and dancing and genuinely enjoying each others’ company. When I left them they were making plans to go to a kickboxing class together later that week with two new friends they had just met.

Bottom line…

The difference between Tracy and my other friends comes down to one thing: ATTITUDE.

Tracy has a bad attitude.

All she can see is the negative side of her life situation.

She’s not stuck in the lesbian party, she’s stuck in her thinking. She’s stuck in her bad attitude.

And that’s not hot.

It’s a choice.

We have total choice over the thoughts we think. Click To Tweet

We have total choice over the way we talk to ourselves in our heads about our current situations.

Women notice.

Women are attracted to confidence and power. Click To Tweet

When we show bitterness and frustration with our life situation, we are acting powerless, like a victim, and doing that lowers our status. That’s why having a bad attitude is a turn-off for other women.


A lot of us think about self-control in terms of eating a healthy diet or going to the gym or quitting smoking.

But it’s even more important to have self-control as to how our minds wander.

Some thoughts turn women off (because they give us a bad attitude) while other thoughts make us more attractive by giving us a sense of optimism and inner-peace.

With self-control we can consciously choose to focus on the thoughts that make us more attractive.

Because it would be insane not to.


A simple way to do this is by focusing on gratitude. Thinking about what we are grateful for immediately makes us more optimistic, and thus more attractive.

There is always something to be grateful for. Even if it’s just simple things, like sunshine and puppies and hot showers. (Or profound things, like our freedom and safety and health.)


The best way to meet women to date isn’t necessarily at a lesbian bar.

Hot lesbians are everywhere. Not just at lesbian events.

The most effective way to meet people is by getting involved in activities that make us happy. Doing activities we genuinely enjoy brings us around people who have similar interests. And we’re more attractive when we’re happy.

This is really important, so watch this YouTube video now where I explain more.

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