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Lesbian Dating: 3 Rules For Maintaining Your Power So No Woman Can Mess With You When Dating

Maintaining Your Power…

Do you ever feel like you’re not maintaining your power and the woman you’re dating has more power than you do?

Does that feel good when it happens?

It’s not hot.

Maintaining your power is important because women are attracted to power and confidence.

And the power dynamics between you impacts your confidence and the attraction she feels for you.

When you’re not maintaining your power it’s not hot.

When you’re not maintaining your power you’re not keeping her as interested as you could be.

This can be changed.

We don't want anyone to fuck with us, and we don't have to let it happen.

In the realm of thoughts and emotions, nobody can have power over us that we don’t give them.

Maintaining our power in the realm of thoughts and emotions is a question of the mental models and mindsets we adopt and navigate the world with.

It’s completely within our choice to adopt mental models and mindsets that make it impossible for people to fuck with us, so that we're totally “unfuckable-with” when dating women.


In this video I explain the most effective trick for becoming totally “unfuckable-with” when dating women.

Maintaining our power is possible if we follow this formula that I lay out here.

There’s never a time when we can get away with not maintaining our power. Even decades into a relationship, mutual respect and attraction are still important.

That’s why it’s important to watch this video.

Watch this video now if you want to learn:

  • The mindset that can prevent any woman from messing with you when you’re dating her;
  • The belief that makes you more attractive and less needy with the women you date; and
  • The best way to ensure that you will always be maintaining your power with the women you date.

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