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The Truth About Female Desire With Dr. Jennifer Verdolin

What all women want…

What’s the number one thing all female animals in nature are attracted to?

And does the answer to this question teach us anything about how women like us can have more success meeting and attracting the women we want to date?

Well my guest on this podcast shares these answers with us and her insights are going to surprise you.

My guest, Dr. Jennifer Verdolin, is an animal behaviorist who specializes in social and mating behavior across all species.

What does human behavior and animal behavior have in common?

You know, the thing about our behavior (human behavior) is that we can easily take it for granted. Because we’re too close to it.

You know how we can look in the mirror sometimes and notice that our hair is too long (even though we didn’t notice it growing until that moment)?

It’s like how most fish probably don’t realize that they’re swimming in water.

When we’re too close to something we can’t see it clearly enough to properly examine it and/or understand it.

And that’s what human behavior is like for us.

What we don’t notice about ourselves…

In order for us to see and examine our own behavior we need more perspective.

And that’s what’s so cool about animal behaviorists. They learn about human nature by studying nature itself (the animals in nature) and drawing parallels.

By looking at other creatures’ behaviors these scientists get a broader perspective of what ranges of behavior are possible. And by seeing what some animals do differently they get to reflect upon aspects of human behavior that we might otherwise miss, the way a fish might miss the fact that it’s swimming in water.

What does this have to do with lesbian dating?

Do you want to learn about the ways that females evolved to behave around other females throughout the natural world?

Do you want to learn about female strategies for attracting mates that we evolved with?

Do you want to learn how females get attention in nature?

Do you want to learn about getting attention from females in nature?

Do you want to know how all of this applies to women like us when we meet a woman we like?

These are questions I had been dying to ask an animal behaviorist for a long time and I was very excited to finally get to have this conversation.

What did talking to her teach me about lesbian relationships?

During this interview you’ll learn from Dr. Verdolin:

  • the number one thing that all females in nature are attracted to (and it’s probably not what you think)
  • how social status works in nature and when women are judging us
  • the secret strategy for how females can become dominant in society (because there is a certain strategy used by all female animals who have achieved female-dominated social arrangements and Dr. Verdolin tells us what that is!)
  • The truth about female competition and what we women share in common with other species when it comes to competition between females

About Jennifer Verdolin

Dr. Jennifer Verdolin is a scientist, an author and a speaker. She’s an expert in animal behavior, specializing in social and mating behavior. She teaches about animal behavior and what we can learn from other species to improve our relationships, families, and lives.

Dr. Verdolin regularly consults for television and film productions in the United States and abroad. Her work has been featured in everything from NPR’s “All Things Considered” and “The State of Things” and National Geographic and the BBC and the Smithsonian and she’s written for Scientific American, Slate, BBC Focus, and other well-known magazines.

Presently Dr. Verdolin has an appointment as a Lecturer at the University of Redlands and as an Adjunct Professor at Duke University in the Biology Department. Her two books are “Wild Connection: What Animal Courtship And Mating Tell Us About Human Relationships” and “Raised by Animals: The Surprising New Science Of Animal Family Dynamics.”




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