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Lesbian Chat: What Happens When You Marry A Sex Educator? With Kelly Madrone

Do you ever notice little old couples walking down the street together, hand in hand? Like, super old people, who clearly have spent their entire lifetimes together, and now they’re still holding hands and hobbling down the street side-by-side?

That’s one of my favorite things in the world to see.

But 99 times out of 100, when we see couples like that, they’re heterosexual.

I want to see old ladies walking hand in hand!

I think the problem is that up until recently being “out” was dangerous. Being in same-sex couples would have been extremely challenging for women who grew up in older generations.

And obviously, in lots of places in the world it’s still dangerous and challenging (or totally impossible) to be in a same-sex couple.

I live in New York City where women can be together openly and safely and proudly if they want.

And by the time we’re all old ladies, hopefully we’ll still be hobbling around next to each other holding hands and giving young couples something to look up to.

But for now, women like us don’t have a lot of strong examples of long-term, deeply loving functional relationships between two women that we can look to for an example of what’s possible.

When our heterosexual friends make lifelong commitments to each other, they have examples all around them of relationships that stood the test of time “till death do we part.”

But even though we know in our hearts that we can love just as deeply with the same kind of long-term commitment, there isn’t the same kind of physical proof all around us. And that kind of sucks.

Finally: a same-sex female couple we can all look up to.

What I think is really special about today’s podcast is that you will get a really deep inside view of what a super evolved same-sex female couple looks like.

They’re not even remotely old, but they’ve got deep wisdom and amazing practices that keep bringing them closer to each other and more deeply in love. And in today’s podcast we get to hear all about it.

Who is she?

My guest on the podcast is Kelly Madrone, a writer and an outspoken social-justice and animal-welfare advocate.

Kelly and her wife, Mala, are one of the most evolved, emotionally mature same-sex female couples I’ve ever come across. That’s why I invited Kelly on my podcast to have a little lesbian chat with me. I’m excited to give you all an inside look at their amazing relationship from Kelly’s perspective.

Kelly’s tricks.

During the interview Kelly shares with us some of her really powerful strategies including:

  • the trick to being comfortable being single (so you can hold out and not settle before meeting THE ONE)
  • the trick to not putting up with flakey behavior from women you’re dating
  • the trick to handling a woman when she’s angry so that you don’t end up hurting each others’ feelings
  • the trick to starting uncomfortable conversations with the person you’re dating in a way that won’t make her reactive

So if you’re single and dating and want some amazing strategies that will help you find and keep love, then you won’t want to miss this interview.

And if you’re in a committed relationship, you’ll get a lot out of this as well.

I hope you enjoy this interview with Kelly Madrone!

About Kelly Madrone

Kelly Madrone is a freelance writer, writing coach, and speaker. She has published two award-winning self-help books for teens, one of which—GLBTQ: The Survival Guide for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, and Questioning Teens—is about to be in its third edition.

The author of more than one hundred published articles, Kelly’s work has appeared in outlets including The Advocate, Curve Magazine, MASSAGE Magazine, The Good Men Project, and she’s been featured in The Washington Post, BuzzFeed, and Medium.

Kelly’s latest project is focused on creating safe schools for LGBTQ youth. To learn more about Kelly and how you can support the great work she’s involved with, visit