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Lesbian Adventures with Cassandra Vnook, Founder of LetzB

Want to hear Cassandra Vnook, Founder of LetzB, sharing her best lesbian stories?

Cassandra Vnook conceived of LetzB because she wanted more for the queer community.

But she wanted more than just “the same dive bar every night.”

The idea of LetzB is to offer different experiences with a different crowd.

Cassandra conceived of LetzB to offer the queer community something more fashionable. She says her inspiration was to build something like what the L word represents.

She’s a friend of mine, so I invited her on the podcast to talk about what she’s creating.

Lesbian adventures…

Want to hear some fun stories?

LetzB founder, Cassandra Vnook, talks openly in this episode about her first experiences with women, sneaking out of her house in high school, meeting other likeminded queers as a teenager, and getting into trouble.

In addition to founding LetzB, Cassandra is also a great story-teller, so this is a fun episode, not to be missed.

Learn more about LetzB and Cassandra Vnook and follow them online…

LetzB is an event producer and dating and community app for LGBT women. To learn more, visit their website and follow them on Instagram

Cassandra Vnook is a New York City-based entrepreneur and real estate agent. Follow her on Instagram.

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