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Meet Dr. Pamela…

Dr. Pamela’s company helps teenagers plan for higher education.

Being a teenager is hard enough... but applying to college is a massively overwhelming and confusing process, forced on people during an already difficult time.

But Dr. Pamela is no stranger to personally handling overwhelming and confusing life situations...

Dr. Pamela was in her mid-40’s when she went off and started her own company.

Since leaving her corporate job and starting her own business, Dr Pamela has helped earn twenty million dollars in scholarships for families across the United States.

Dr. Pamela has the perfect energy for helping people face their overwhelm. She is grounded, wise, goodhearted and optimistic. And in addition to helping young people find the resources and direction they need to succeed scholastically, she also mentors women business owners to achieve the kind of spiritually aligned success she has achieved herself.

The kind of person I love talking to!

More than once, when I was searching for great guests for the podcast, I turned to my friend Chelsea O’Brien (who is a digital strategist for business leaders across the world), and I asked her if she has any clients and colleagues that more people in the world would benefit from learning from. The last time I called Chelsea to ask this question, she blurted out “Dr. Pamela!!” without any hesitation.

Dr. Pamela is passionate about supporting people so they can do work they love, aligned with who they are.

And on this episode of Women Wanting Women, she joins us to share her calm, wise, goodhearted, optimistic spirit with us.

During the episode Dr. Pamela shares:

  • Tips for building a life based on authenticity and passion…
  • Starting a successful new career, even later in life… and
  • Self-care strategies for staying grounded and avoiding overwhelm…

In a world full of madness and stress and negativity, it’s such a gift and a breath of fresh air to find wise, grounded humans like Dr. Pamela.

Dr. Pamela serves as a role model and a reminder that we don’t have to be aggressive and on-edge to be successful and self-made.

Don’t miss this interview!

Learn more about Dr. Pamela and follow her on social media…

Dr. Pamela is a graduate of Stanford University and The Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College. She was awarded a doctorate degree from the Stanford University School of Education. Her company, Compass College Advisory, was founded to help teens navigate selecting the right college and coaches them through the overwhelming college application process, so that their drive for learning is fueled instead of fizzled.

You can find Dr. Pamela on her website and as well as on Facebook @TheEducationDoctor and on LinkedIn.

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