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Mary Lofgren: A Former Burlesque Performer Teaches About Sensuality And Authenticity

Burlesque: a pathway to connection and authenticity…

There is so much burlesque can teach us about seduction and feminine power.

Burlesque is a form of performance art, incorporating strip tease with humor and storytelling…

In recent years interest in burlesque has increased among women looking to express themselves and improve their body confidence.

In burlesque the female body is celebrated, not held to “impossible standards” (the way women are in mass media…)

This is especially true in the neo-burlesque movement, where performers hail from a wide diversity of age, body sizes and backgrounds.

What burlesque can teach women about their own sensuality…

Performing a strip tease in the mirror can be a transformative experience.

Women are taught to use the mirror as a tool of criticism.

We see our reflection and compare ourselves to impossible standards.

But seduction is ancient.

Human females have been attracting mates throughout history.

And when we perform a strip tease and allow our bodies to move in the ancient seductive ways that human females have been moving throughout time, it awakens a knowing within us of our own attractiveness and power.

These are powers that we can access any time.

These seductive powers are intrinsic to who we are, inherent within us.

Because “feminine beauty is an energy, not a symmetrical aesthetic.” (Mary Lofgren.)

That’s why learning burlesque (or any kind of strip tease or exotic dance) helps women to feel so much more confident and beautiful in their own skin.

“Feminine beauty is an energy, not a symmetrical aesthetic…”

And in this episode of Women Wanting Women I interview former burlesque performer Mary Lofgren.

During Mary’s burlesque career her name was Kitty Cavelier.

As “Kitty Cavelier” Mary taught women empowerment through burlesque and seduction. But under her own name, she teaches all that and much more.

During this episode Mary teaches us:

  • A tool anyone can use to recognize their own beauty, even if we’ve never felt beautiful before…
  • What the erotic is and how to access it more fully…
  • A trick for mastering confidence and accessing our own seductive powers, and…
  • A more “feminine” alternative to mindfulness meditation…

Learn more about Mary Lofgren and follow her on social media…

Mary Lofgren is the founder of the School of Sensual Living where they help women get out of their heads and into their bodies through mindfulness, embodiment & beauty, using all the wisdom Mary gained from performing and teaching burlesque and much more.

You can find out more at The School Of Sensual Living. Mary is on Instagram @hellomarylofgren.