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Sex Work: An Interview With Elliott Endre, AMFT

What do you know about sex work?

Sex work is as ancient as civilization itself.

But sex work doesn’t often get spoken about because it’s taboo and illegal…

So why are we talking about this here?

I never thought much about sex work…

But I’ve connected with all kinds of brilliant queer humans doing amazing things in the world, and one of those brilliant humans is Elliott Endre...

Elliott is a therapist, coach, writer and public speaker, who teaches psychopathology at San Francisco State University. And the interesting thing about Elliott’s therapy practice is that it has been devoted to women and non-binary folk in the sex industries.

Why sex work matters…

When we talk about issues like abortion or LGBT rights, the underlying question revolves around how much agency and autonomy we, as humans, get to have over our bodies.

And what most of us don't realize is that sex workers stand at the front lines of this issue, perhaps more than any other group of people.

Sex work is criminalized, which means we send people to jail simply for the way they choose to use their bodies.

The decriminalization of sex work should matter to feminists and queers because of how much we value the right to have agency and autonomy over our bodies.

Don’t miss this conversation…

In this episode of Women Wanting Women I interview therapist, Elliott Endre who teaches us about the needs of sex workers and offers insight into the role of sex work throughout history and present day.

Learn more about Elliot Endre and find them online:

Elliot Endre works with women and non-binary folk at the intersection of money, sex, and power. Their clients include business owners, tech mavens, actors, musicians, artists, social influencers and sex workers.