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Lesbian Chat: Talking About Eating Disorders (Including My Own) With Dr. Cheryl Kornfeld

Did you know that I had an eating disorder in high school and college?

It turns out that it’s not uncommon for closeted women to suffer from eating disorders before coming out…

In fact, people can subconsciously “use” eating disorders as a way to disconnect and dissociate from the body.

Did I have an eating disorder because I was suppressing my sexuality?


I’m also lucky because my condition was minor compared to how severe eating disorders can get, when they’re extreme.

But even though my eating disorder wasn’t extreme, I still struggled with it for many years. And in this episode of Women Wanting Women I open up about what I went through and some things that helped me heal from it.

I’m not an expert on eating disorders…

Obviously, I’m not an expert on eating disorders. So everything I say in this episode (even when I sound strong-minded and sure about things) is just my own personal opinion about what I believe worked for me.

Nothing I say in the interview should be taken as “advice” because outside of my own experience I don’t know anything about treating or healing eating disorders.

That’s why I brought in an expert.

Dr. Cheryl Kornfeld is a clinical psychologist based in Denver, CO who specializes in eating disorders (and she’s also a lesbian and she’s also my cousin). So I invited her on the podcast to talk about what she’s learned over the past 8 years working with women with eating disorders.

We also talk about coming out and early experiences with girls and how she met her wife.

Cheryl is great, so despite the heavy subject matter it’s still a fun episode. So I hope you enjoy this deep conversation with Dr. Cheryl Kornfeld.