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How Your Energy Makes Women Feel: With Michaela Koelbl

Your energy...

How does your energy make women feel when you meet them?

Do you know?

Do you know how your energy subconsciously makes other people feel when you’re around them?

It matters.

The energy we radiate is a big deal, whether we’re dating, working with clients, making new friends or trying to improve the relationships we have with family members.

Regardless of what we say and do on the outside, people around us can still feel our inner energy.

Everyone can feel it.

But the thing is that the people in our lives aren’t directly going to tell us if our energy is making them uncomfortable. First of all, oftentimes we don’t know, because we feel each other’s energy subconsciously (and sometimes we are so stuck in our heads that we don’t notice it outwardly.)

Second of all, we don’t want to make anyone feel bad, and it can be socially awkward to tell another person that their energy is “off” (or strange or misaligned or doesn’t feel good to be around.)

So even though the energy we radiate is vitally important, people in our lives often can’t and don’t tell us about how our energy feels.

But guess what...

But guess what… animals tell us.

Animals are extremely sensitive to people’s energy. And of all the domesticated animals, horses are said to be the most hyper-sensitive to people’s energy.

In fact, expert horse trainers don’t really just train horses. Horse trainers have to train the riders themselves, because that person’s energy is going to have the most impact on how the horse behaves.

We all know the saying “you can’t hide from the blind” – and it turns out you can’t fake it with a horse either.

You can’t fake it with a horse.

That’s why, believe it or not, a good horse trainer is really an expert at teaching people how we can be more energetically aligned in our core.

Learning how to align our energy can help in all areas of life, from dating and love and romance to career success to family cohesion and to social popularity.

That’s why in this episode of Women Wanting Women I interview Michaela Koelbl, a badass lesbian horse whisperer who has 25 years of experience, not just training horses, but also training women horse owners to align the energy from their core with everything else they say and do.

More about Michaela…

Michaela Koelbl has been rehabilitating troubled horses and their stressed-out owners for 25 years.

Through her own journey of loss and redemption Michaela has developed a method for core transformation for horses and humans, healing anxieties, fears, doubt and overwhelm.

Michaela now focuses on coaching women to reclaim their strength, confidence and ability to speak up for themselves. Her mission is to help women connect with the wild horse inside of them and to follow its call.

Find Michaela online and on social media: