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Processing Pain, With Kim Iglinsky: A Former Supermodel Tells Her Story Of Loss And Learning How To Feel

Everyone experiences loss, even supermodels.

We all worry, we all experience loss, we all feel pain and insecurity… Some people might seem “perfect” or look like they “have it all together”, but there’s no human among us who has nothing to ever be upset about. We all know what it’s like to fear that we’re not enough or that we won’t have the love and resources we need to be happy and safe.

We’re not born knowing how to deal with loss when it happens or how to process our pain when we feel it.

All of us are wounded in our own way. The more we work on processing our own wounding, the more we can be better friends, better partners and better humans.

Who do we get to be next, after the loss?

What if every loss and challenge in our life is a gift that is here to wake us up and teach us something new?

Instead of wishing our uncomfortable experiences would stop or go away, we can lean in and ask ourselves: who do we get to be next, after the loss?

We can allow ourselves to feel upset (hurt) by whatever happened while ALSO looking for how the loss or challenge is going to push us to grow.

In the face of any loss we have the choice to either be a victim or to be empowered. And empowerment is always the better choice.

Have you ever taken advice from a supermodel before?

In this episode of Women Wanting Women Kim Iglinsky, a former supermodel-turned-healer, tells her story of leaning in to loss and using the pain in her life to grow herself into a woman who is every bit as wise and loving on the inside as she is strikingly beautiful on the outside.

Listen to this interview to learn:

  • a practice for releasing energy and feelings trapped in your body
  • how to navigate your anger and hurt when your partner leaves
  • the best way to stop “catastrophizing” and focusing on worst-case-scenario outcomes AND
  • Kim’s deeply personal and touching story of loss and healing

Kim's Video Demonstration

Below is a "tapping" demonstration video Kim made for the Women Wanting Women community.

More about Kim…

Kim Iglinsky was an international top model from Milan to Paris to New York for 12 years, during which she worked with fashion industry legends including Alexander McQueen, Mario Testino, Tom Ford and Calvin Klein - and she was featured in Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire, W magazine in addition to the countless runway fashion shows she walked.

But the years of living the fashion lifestyle led to many unhealthy habits, toxic thinking, and dysfunctional coping mechanisms.

Eventually, in the span of four years, Kim lost her sister, her father and 3 late term pregnancies…

This plummeted her into a life-threatening depression, and when wine and cigarettes eventually stopped working to cover the pain, she had no choice but to work directly on undoing the unhealthy thinking and behavior patterns that were running her life.

Through a journey of exploring various healing modalities Kim was able to create the life she wanted. And now she has now spent over a decade studying, training and working with clients to navigate the difficult patches of life, and helping them recover a sense of self, clarity and purpose.

Find Kim online and follow her on social media: