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Learning About Queer Female Polyamorous Relationships with Comedian Mindy Raf

What is a polyamorous relationship?

Anyone who is single in today’s world is going to encounter people who identify as polyamorous.

Polyamorous relationships are growing in practice and recognition.

That’s why it’s so important to understand what polyamorous relationships are.

Dating polyamorous women…

What happens if you’re not polyamorous but you find yourself attracted to someone who is?

In order for us to know whether or not being with a polyamorous woman is something we can handle we need to have a sense of what it all means.

“Right” or “Wrong”…?

Polyamorous relationships are relatively new as a widespread cultural phenomenon, but there’s a lot of judgment about polyamorous relationships because the idea of sharing our partner can be very triggering to anyone who is monogamous.

But the world is full of monogamous people who are continuing to practice monogamy, and for those of us who identify as monogamous, it’s important to realize that polyamorous women are not infringing on our ability to have the monogamous relationships we want to have.

So instead of calling polyamorous “good” or “bad” or “right” or “wrong” it’s important instead to simply learn about how these other kinds of relationships function, and how other humans want to function in their relationships…

Understanding more perspectives makes us wiser.

Learning from a comedian…

Who better to tackle a serious, complicated, emotionally-charged topic than a standup comedian?

On this episode of Women Wanting Women Mindy Raf, a queer female Brooklyn-based actress, writer, and comedian teaches us all about polyamorous relationships and the various ways they can work.

We get into some really interesting nuances, plus a discussion about what practicing polyamory teaches polyamorous people about jealousy, insecurity, abandonment and how to draw boundaries that work best for each individual…

We also share a funny talk about dating women and the neurotic things we women can do in our heads when we get nervous on dates…

And lastly, since Mindy is an actress and comedian who produces her own shows, we talk about “art as entrepreneurship”, and how Mindy manages to create her own opportunities as an artist. Those tips can be great inspiration for anyone who wants to do more creative work, but doesn’t know how to get started…

More about Mindy Raf…

Mindy Raf is a comedian, actress, writer and musician based in Brooklyn, New York. Mindy has contributed to MTV's GIRL CODE, COLLEGEHUMOR, TNT, VH1, The Daily Comedy Network, and the MY PARENTS WERE AWESOME anthology. Mindy's debut young adult novel THE SYMPTOMS OF MY INSANITY (DIAL/Penguin) is available at Barnes and Noble and on Amazon. Her critically acclaimed solo comedy show NOT THE ONE: a love story was named an "LBGT Best Bet" by Time OutNew York, “hilariously quirky” by Theatre Is Easy, "Barrier Breaking" by The Edinburgh Reporter, and "cheeky and infectious" by Ed Fest Magazine. Not The One has played to a sold out run Off Broadway at 59E59, it garnered 4 star reviews the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and has sold out at Brooklyn's Cloud City, The People's Improv Theater, The Tank NYC, as well as its recent guest production residency at NYC's Theaterlab. Mindy also co-produces a monthly comedy show in the East Village in New York City. It’s called Golden Spiral Comedy and it takes place the first Tuesday of the month at The Dream Baby Lounge.

Instagram: @mmmindela

Facebook: @MindyRafComedy