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How To Approach Women And Start Conversations… With Antonia Predovan

Antonia Predovan: New York City’s Queer Connector

Meet Antonia Predovan.

Did you ever notice how there’s a "good kind" of popular and a "bad kind" of popular…?

The “bad kind” of popular happens when someone has high status, but they’re mean and scary.

But the “good kind” of popular happens when the person’s popularity comes from the fact that they’re friends with everyone and they making everyone feel better about themselves...

Well, in this episode of Women Wanting Women we learn all about how to meet and connect with women from Antonia Predovan, a force of nature who truly embodies what it means to be the “good kind of popular.”

Antonia is a fun-loving beautiful person who is constantly building community and bringing people together with genuine open-heartedness.

The “Real-Life Shane”

For anyone familiar with the show The L Word, Antonia Predovan has a similar kind of confidence and swagger as Shane…

But Shane was a heartbreaker. She had intimacy issues.

Antonia is the exact opposite, in that way. They're a big lover with a big heart and they're all about intimacy.

But for anyone who ever watched Shane in action and wondered “how does she do it?!?” you’re in for a treat…

Because in this episode we have our “Real-Life Shane” giving us practical tips anyone can use to have more success meeting and connecting with women.

In this episode Antonia Predovan shares their best tips for:

  • Approaching women
  • Making women comfortable so they want to talk to you when you approach them
  • Initiating a conversation on dating apps, and
  • Building a lesbian tribe

More about Antonia Predovan…

Antonia is a brand strategist, brand ambassador, event producer and CEO and Co-Founder of QueerCut, an online fashion marketplace connecting brands that offer authentic, inclusive products and services for customers seeking clothing and accessories curated to fit their body type and gender expression.

Follow Antonia on social media…

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