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Bad news:

there’s no way to avoid rejection if you’re dating women. Click To Tweet

Lesbian dating leads to lesbian rejection.

And Rejection Hurts.

Rejection hurts…

It’s humiliating. It’s disappointing. And for anyone lonely and looking for love, it’s also sad for our open hearts not to be met with the affection and tenderness we desire (and deserve) in life.

What if I told you that rejection is an illusion?

When we face rejection we feel like we lost something we wanted to have…

What we wanted to have was a connection with the woman we’re attracted to.

But the woman we are attracted to is actually an illusion, just like characters in a movie.

Just like the movies…

When we like someone, we make up a whole movie in our heads, with us and this woman starring as the leads.

We imagine us kissing each other, touching each other, laughing together, being happy together, feeling proud to show each other off, going into the world as a team…

It’s an epic movie.

But just like the movies we see on Netflix, the story isn’t real.

In real life, those actors’ personalities and backgrounds are nothing like the characters they play.

Wonder Woman isn’t real…

Wonder Woman was a huge hit. But Gal Gadot (the actress who played Wonder Woman) doesn’t have super powers, she wasn’t raised on a pristine island solely inhabited by sexy female warriors, and Zeuss isn’t her actual father.

Obsessed fans might fall in love with Wonder Woman and want her to be real. But even if they find a way to meet Gal Gadot, there’s nothing she can do to be Wonder Woman for them.

Same thing…

When we fall for someone and get rejected, it’s the same thing.

The fact that she rejected us means that the movie in our heads was completely made up.

We want the real-life actress to be just like the character in our mental movie. But she can’t, just like Gal Gadot can’t really be Wonder Woman.

The important thing to remember about rejection is that it’s all based on an illusion...

We make up these stories – then we believe in them – and then we feel sad and disappointed when reality turns out different.

But the woman who rejected us isn’t the one who hurt us. We hurt ourselves by believing in a story that wasn’t real.

Rejection isn’t proof that we’re not sexy or cool or good enough. Rejection is simply a sign that we were being a little bit delusional. (Which happens to all of us now and then, and isn’t something to be ashamed of.) Click To Tweet

The good news about rejection!

It’s important to remember the other thing that rejection means… it means that someone else is out there who is way better for you… And wherever she is, she misses you just as much as you miss her (because she’s your soulmate, and if you haven’t found her yet, then she’s also alone, just like you are.)

And guess what…?

When you feel lonely, that feeling might be more than just your own loneliness. You might also be feeling HER loneliness (not just yours) because we women are highly intuitive, and we can sense far more than just our own emotions.

So think about it… if what you’re feeling is your soulmate’s loneliness – and you’re SHARING that feeling together – then is it really loneliness?

I think that’s much more like longing.

But it’s longing for someone real, who is really longing for you TOO.

And that’s hot!!

A new source of self-confidence and personal power…

From now on, when you feel loneliness, remember that it’s actually shared longing that’s connecting you with your soulmate, and let that feeling bring you confidence instead of frustration and despair.

That’s the most important thing you can take away from every rejection.

Need more convincing?

If I haven’t convinced you yet that rejection can be a source of confidence and power, then watch this YouTube video so you can hear it from me personally.

Also, if you want to learn more, download my free report How To Eliminate Rejection From Your Life Forever.

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