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Lesbian Chat: A Popular Fashion Blogger and Personal Stylist Shares Her Coming Out Story

Coming out as a sorority girl in New York…

Coming out is scary for everyone.

But it’s especially scary for women coming out in a place where no other girls are openly dating each other.

Your new favorite lesbian fashion blogger...

Meet Jenny Greenstein.

Jenny is the founder of Your Soul Style.

She is a popular fashion blogger and personal stylist based in New York City.

But when she first fell in love with a female she was a sorority girl at a state college where nobody else was openly dating women.

When love conquers all fear…

Jenny’s story is remarkable because even though it was 1998 and it was “unheard of” in her world for two girls to be in love, Jenny’s feelings for this girl were so powerful that instead of feeling shame, she wanted to shout it from the rooftops. And in fact, her biggest fear wasn’t about coming out. Instead, her biggest fear was that she would be left alone with a broken heart.

What does it look like to be fully empowered and authentically expressed as a lesbian?

Jenny’s coming out story is totally congruent with the woman and professional stylist she grew up to become.

Through her work Jenny Greenstein teaches that feeling your best is contingent upon authenticity and that your physical appearance is strongest when it’s indicative of your unique personality and how you express it.

She is a “stylemaker from the inside out.”

“A Stylemaker From The Inside Out”

Jenny Greeinstein is unique in the depth of her emotional intelligence, and the way she expresses herself with an openness and clarity and wisdom that is rare and beautiful.

Her deep connection to her truth is part of everything she does, and it’s the foundation of her work as a stylist.

The whole story...

This is a woman who lives and loves fearlessly and boldly and we are so lucky that she shared her story with us here.

Jenny Greenstein NYC-based personal stylist, style coach, and founder of Your Soul Style: a platform where style meets mindfulness. She lives with her wife Dina and their beautiful baby girl, Vida.

Follow Jenny on and check out her blog!

Facebook: @yoursoulstyle

Instagram: @yoursoulstyle

Twitter: @yoursoulstyle



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