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Finally! Professional Guidance For Women Coming Out While Married To Men

There’s no guidebook for coming out while married and untangling from a “traditional life.”

“We Don’t Know How To Do This”

Fortunately, women making a big change in the name of love can turn to Dr. Jennelle, founder of Big Change of Heart, who is an expert relationship advisor for women leaving their husbands and families to pursue a long-term same-sex relationship


Could there be anything more confusing than being a mother married to a man and suddenly and unexpectedly falling head over heels for your best friend, having never been in a same-sex relationship before?

Can you imagine having to navigate a separation from your husband, plus a new custody arrangement for your kids while also learning to be in a same-sex female relationship for the first time?

Well in this episode of Women Wanting Women we get a fascinating inside view of the biggest issues that come up for women who find themselves in this position.

Support For The Transition

Not only has Dr. Jennelle lived through this exact situation with her own partner, but she went on to create a community around helping other women through the many challenges and struggles that inevitably arise throughout the process of coming out while married.

Dr. Jennelle has been there and she knows what she’s talking about.

Don’t Miss This Episode

In this interview with Dr. Jennelle you will learn:

  • How the line gets crossed between two married women who fall in love unexpectedly
  • The number one biggest fear women have when untangling from a heterosexual marriage and coming out into a same-sex relationship; and
  • The most critical thing women untangling from a heterosexual marriage into a same-sex relationship must do to mitigate conflict, anger, and toxicity.

About Dr. Jennelle

Dr. Jennelle is a Relationship Advisor who specializes in working with female same-sex couples, divorced/remarried couples, and blended families, helping relationships thrive through massive transitions including sexual preference shifts, divorce, and the complex challenges that arise in nontraditional lifestyles. She received her Doctorate of Philosophy in Psychology from Northeastern University and is also a certified Justice of the Peace in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Instagram: @drjennelle


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